This classical style HATHA yoga class systematically works the entire body, stretching muscles, building foundational strength, detoxing internal organs, stimulating the glandular systems, and challenging the cardiovascular system. This class is appropriate for beginners and more experienced students alike. It is truly a complete mind-body work-out. Your focus will improve, your mind will become clear, your body will detox and you will feel as if you are floating out of class.  105-DEGREES



This yoga is more vigorous and fitness-based than HATHA yoga. In POWER yoga, there is no uniform series of postures. A POWER yoga class can vary from teacher to teacher. The common focus is on the breath paired with movement and, sometimes, with music. The foundation is Sun Salutations which are a series of poses to improve strength and flexibility in a graceful sequence. These poses contract and expand the muscles of the waist and ribcage making the spine more flexible and trim your waistline.​ 90-DEGREES



Now this class rocks. A little POWER, a little HATHA, a little YIN, a littl MEDITATION. ​​A very approachable intro to all the styles of yoga offered at FIREHOUSEHOTYOGA. Tap into some new strength, flexibility and balance in a fun yoga "dance". 90-DEGREES 



​Remember, It's not about being able to do every posture right out the gate.  We have all had A FIRST CLASS!  It's taken you X amount of years to get where you are at.  It's going to take some time for the medicine of the practice to work it's magic.  Do what you can do now until you can do more later.  There is a natural ebb and flow to your practice.  The most important thing is to listen to your body - push the boundaries one day and take it easy the next.  Know you will get more proficient at the postures with practice over time.  YOGA IS NOT ABOUT THE EGO - IT'S ABOUT GETTING AND STAYING HEALTHY. 

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We will have abbreviated classes during holidays!

12089 124TH AVE NE, KIRKLAND, WA 98034

12089 124TH AVE NE, KIRKLAND, WA 98034